Youth Respond to Projects

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For the past six weeks, the teen program at Caring People Alliance’s R.W. Brown Community Center has been doing a documentary film project looking at poverty in Philadelphia. “True Philly: The Unseen Stories” project had youth interviewing community members, meeting community advocates, doing research, filming footage and editing the final film. This project was successful at helping youth develop 21st Century Skills like using technology, public speaking and team collaboration.

Here are some student comments from the PBL Debriefing Forms:


“I learned that poverty comes in different forms and affects people differently.”


“I learned that only 52% of schools in Philadelphia have adequate test scores.”


“I learned about the seriousness of poverty. By doing this project I not only researched this problem but heard about its effects first hand.”


“I improved my leadership skills.”


“My public speaking and group working skills were improved by this project.”


“I believe that I improved my time management skills.”

(Thank you to Caring People Alliance at R W. Brown for sharing this PBL success.)

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