Elementary Project Ideas

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Here are a list of some great elementary PBL project ideas:

2nd Grade Project from Norris Square Neighborhood Project

DQ:  How can we teach our friends about the importance of the Norris Square Park?

CP:  Youth will create a display of the history of Norris Square Park and present historical information to peers with a song.

K-1st Grade Project from the Boys and Girls Club at Vaird Rec Center

DQ: Is everything that stings, bites, crawls, or flies an insect?

CP: Youth will create an art display of the different bugs, give information on each specimen, and  determine whether or not they are an insect.

2-4th Grade Project from Young Achievers  at Finletter Elementary

DQ: How does the media affect us and how can we communicate positively with each other?

CP: Youth will create a magazine with original articles and advertisements. Youth will distribute their magazines at local libraries, stores and in the school.

3rd-4th Grade Project from Norris Square Neighborhood Project

DQ: How can we showcase our talents by producing a circus?

CP: Students will build individual characters that perform circus acts, they will create the props, sell tickets and present a circus to the center audience.

4th-6th Grade Project from United Communities at Fell Elementary

DQ: How does our use of the environment affect animals?

CP: In groups youth research and create informational pamphlets on endangered species.  Youth create a PSA on this topic to be shown at the school’s Parent Night.

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