High School Project Ideas

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Here are a list of some great high school PBL project ideas:

9-12th Grade Project from Education Works at Vaux High School

DQ: How can we explore careers in print media?

CP: Youth will write, edit and publish a Teen Magazine.

9-12th Grade Project from The Attic Youth Center

DQ: Why is it important to record our own stories and what are the most effective ways to share this information?

CP: Youth will self-publish an anthology of stories to be sold and shared with the community.

9-12th Grade Project from Methodist at Frankford

DQ: How can understanding cultural differences enable social change within our School Community?

CP: Youth will present a Photojournalism presentation for parents, staff and the school community. The photos that the students have taken will be synched with audio diary entries. A live panel discussion about the experiences some of the students have faced will take place on presentation day.

9-12th Grade Project from Education Works at South Philly High School

DQ: How can young artists create and maintain a record label, while learning individual music based skills they can use to market themselves in the future?

CP: As a group, youth will build a successful student-run independent record label, create a music CD that includes songs from various artists and a DVD that will include music videos.

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