Middle School Project Ideas

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Here are a list of some great middle school PBL project ideas:

5-8th Grade Project from SEAMAAC at Jackson School

DQ: How can we use music to motivate students to stay in school?

CP: Youth create the lyrics, music, and arrangement to an original song.  Youth perform and record the song to a CD.

5-8th Grade Project from Diversified at Vare Middle School

DQ: How can we allocate state resources to improve safety in our community?

CP: Youth create a newsletter that compiles the information they gathered through research and interviews.  Youth begin a community letter writing campaign lobbying for additional funds.

6-8th Grade Project from Methodist at Frankford

DQ: How can we turn trash into cash?

CP: Students will host a craft show to sell arts and crafts made of recucled trash and found objects.

6-8th Grade Project from Caring People Alliance at R.W. Brown Community Center

DQ: What does an equitable city look like?

CP: Students will digitally design a map of a city that is centered on social justice.

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