Using the Debriefing Form

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The Debriefing Form is a tool to collect youth feedback and to give youth an opportunity to reflect on the project.   Debriefing should be done on the last day of the project, after the Culminating Event.  Youth in grades 2 and up should each complete their own Debriefing Forms, while youth in grades k-1 may participate in a group debriefing or focus group with staff recording their responses.  The Debriefing Forms may be done in conjunction with other reflection methods, such as group discussions, with the goal of prompting genuine reflection about what youth learned and what they enjoyed during the project.  Below are sample Debriefing Forms, one for elementary and one for middle/high school youth.  Providers may modify the Debriefing Forms as needed to tailor them to specific projects.

Debriefing Form for Elementary

Debriefing Form Middle/High

One thought on “Using the Debriefing Form

  1. Very helpful. Just completing a teacher education program for career changers and appreciated not having to come up with this out of the air.

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