Exciting Approaches to PBL

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Project-Based Learning (PBL) offers experiential, meaningful learning opportunities both during the school day and after school.

In Philadelphia, former West Philadelphia High School teacher Simon Hauger took the PBL approach he had used during OST programming and applied it in traditional classrooms. The result is the Sustainability Workshop, a pilot program with 30 Philadelphia high school seniors who spend their days learning through the PBL method.

In San Francisco, the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center uses a hands-on, project-driven approach to incorporate the five core learning principles identified by the Learning in Afterschool Project. These principles, which encourage active, meaningful learning that incorporates collaboration and promotes the mastery of new skills, are an essential part of good PBL planning.

One thought on “Exciting Approaches to PBL

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    OST PBL Blog posted a couple of really interesting approaches to Project Based Learning, including one use in after school. Take a look:

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