Linking to the Standards

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With Project Based Learning it’s easy to incorporate academic standards.  If you work with students in grades k-2, check out the PA Early Learning standards, which cover everything from Mathematics to Scientific Thinking to Social and Emotional Development.  You’ll find that many of the activities you do in your projects already connect to the goals of these standards.  For example, a read aloud followed by a creative writing and drawing activity for kindergarteners touches upon multiple Language and Literacy Standards, as well as Creative Thinking and Expression standards.

Staff working with students in grades 3 and above should familiarize themselves with the Common Core Standards, adopted by State Education Departments across the county, including Pennsylvania’s.  These standards focus primarily on math and language arts, delving into reading, writing, language, and speaking and listening.   Check out this project (from University of Pennsylvania’s Murals Arts club at Sayre), which easily weaves language arts standards into lessons on art and social justice.

Use page two of the  Project Planning Form to list the standards used in your projects.

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