Project Essentials Checklist

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OST providers from a number of sites in the Philadelphia network have joined forces with PHMC staff to form the PBL Cohort. In an attempt to model high quality project plans and best practices in PBL implementation to the network, the Cohort meets bi-weekly to build new resources for the OST Project-Based Learning Blog’s library of content.

The first of these resources, a Project Essentials Checklist, can be found on the Forms page. This checklist, adapted for afterschool programs from a school-day resource offered by the Buck Institute for Education, is a useful tool for OST providers who would like to quickly evaluate the success of their project planning. By presenting providers with a series of simple, yes-or-no questions, the Project Essentials Checklist encourages providers to look at the project as a whole, and to determine if it incorporates new academic content, teaches 21st century skills and meets the goals of high quality Project-Based Learning.

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