Using PBL to Teach Health and Nutrition

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Trying to incorporate the new Healthy Living Guidelines into your OST Program?  Take a look at the Northeast Family YMCA of Fitzpatrick Elementary’s “Top Chef” project!   The driving question asks youth in grades K-2 “What makes us healthy children?”, and youth in grades 3-5, “How do we stay healthy as we change and grow?” 

The OST staff utilized the resource-rich Healthy Living Guidelines in Out-of-School Time Toolkit to develop their PBL plans!  Highlighted activities included: a Healthy Living Pledge, the Re-think your drink activity, and the Go, Slow, Whoa Snacks activity (all of which can be found in the toolkit).  The staff introduced the new food pyramid, and taught youth how to make healthy snacks at home.

The program schedule also included time for physical activity several times a week.  Better yet, the program used a food pyramid physical activity game, where youth had to work in groups to match different foods in each food group.  Youth learned about nutrition, while being physically active and having fun!

Through coaching with their OST Program Specialist, the YMCA revised their culminating project to be a part of the previously planned “Harvest Event”.  For this event the youth will prepare and serve healthy snacks for all to enjoy!

If your staff is interested in attending future trainings on the Healthy Living Guidelines please see keep your eyes open for workshops being held at PHMC in November and the United Way in December!

by: Lauren Puzen

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