Poetry and PBL

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Poetry is a great way to introduce youth to words, language, and sound, as well as to increase a child’s love for literacy. Poems have been used to teach children to read since the time of Mother Goose and her Nursery Rhymes. So if your youth are poem people, or rhyming rascals, or you’re just looking to try something different but fun with your PBL projects, why not throw some poetry into your PBL?

A driving question could be something like: How can poems help us communicate our feelings?

For younger children who sometimes find it difficult to talk about how they feel, this project could assist them in identifying, communicating and attempting to resolve personal challenges. Also, if a young person is having a happy moment, or a silly moment, poetry can provide a universal way for an audience to understand where a person is coming from.

Activities could include researching the history of rhymes or poems, researching and identifying different types of poems, playing with wacky words to make up poems, or even creating a rhyming word stew!

As a culminating event, the class or program could put on a poetry jam featuring all of the poems that the youth have created.

I hope you can use this for PBL, I hope it does you some good.

And if you’re thinking you could try it, well, you should.

See poetry is fun, and it can go a long way.

But my time is done, and sadly, that’s all I have for today

Good Luck!

by: Naimah Wilson

One thought on “Poetry and PBL

  1. “Poetry and PBL | OST Project Based Learning Blog” actually enables me contemplate a small amount more.
    I adored each and every single portion of this blog post.

    Thanks for your time -Javier

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