Show your STEM at the George Washington Carver Science Fair!

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Across the nation, there is growing interest in integrating STEM into OST ScienceFairprograms. Providers in our network have been leading the charge by incorporating STEM into Project-Based Learning and other afterschool activities. What better way for your students to showcase their talents than to enter a science fair?!

The George Washington Carver Science Fair is looking for OST programs to show their STEM at the 2013 Science Fair. This is a great opportunity to reward youth for their participation and showcase all of the great programming that our programs offer.

The Grade K-6 competition will be held in January and the Grade 7-12 will be held in March, with registrations for both age groups due on January 11, 2013. For dates, applications and guidelines, as well as information targeted to OST programs, please visit the official website.

Looking for science fair project ideas? A number of web resources are available, geared towards students of different ages. Be sure to work with students as they perfect their understanding of the scientific method, and create a professional, visually appealing project display board.

by: Lenora Felder

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