Project-Based Learning in the Media

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You may have seen the new “Khaki Pants” video that has quickly gone viral on the internet. If you haven’t, check it out below!

What you may not know is that the middle school youth involved are a part of an afterschool program based out of the YMCA in Minneapolis, Minnesota, called Beats and Rhymes. The program’s purpose is “To provide school-age kids the chance to experience making and recording music in a way they could relate to.” Not only have these youngsters created music that they can relate to, but they have youth all over the country bouncing to rhymes like, “Swag ain’t what you wear, swag is a mentality. So i don’t care what I’m wearing, no matter what my swagger right, I could come to school in my long johns and my swag would still be tight”.

Beats & Rhymes uses a project based learning approach to “promote leadership skills and cultural tolerance”. If your program is interested in implementing a similar approach to music production and PBL, check out the education section of their website. They describe the skills, software, and equipment they utilize in the program as well as a way to contact them to further collaboration.

by: Ariel Zander

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