Youth Work Certificate survey…


If you are a Philadelphia OST provider, please take this survey about the Youth Work Certificate program.

Providers throughout the Philadelphia OST network often explain that while continued professional development for staff is an important component of overall program success, it can sometimes be a challenge as well. The Youth Work Certificate program, offered by the Community College of Philadelphia, is one great way for staff to continue learning and growing in this field. We’re interested in learning more about OST providers’ familiarity with, and experience in, the program.

2 thoughts on “Youth Work Certificate survey…

  1. As a professional in Social Services, I find that these certificate programs, in addition to knowledge and field experience, are quite useful. Many of our city’s after school programs are overwhelmed with a plethora of youth and very inexperienced/underpaid staff. The program at CCP (community College of Phila) is excellent!! As a Drexel student from an amazing program I can attest to the incredible staff and faculty at CCP..

  2. Britt- glad that you find the program at CCP to be ‘excellent’! We are constantly striving to meet both students and employers/the field’s needs.

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