Think Like a DJ – Teaching 21st Century Skills with Music Production

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In today’s industry, deejaying is no longer a hobby. It is a celebrated and appreciated Think Like a DJ Remix - 21st Century Skillsartform in which many talented individuals are finding great professional success. PHMC OST Program Specialist and professional DJ, Timiya Clark, is using the art to teach staff members and youth 21st Century skills.

Think Like a DJ is a 6 – 8 week series of courses that teaches participants the art of manipulating and beat matching different styles of music. These interactive courses will explore 4 significant deejaying fundmentals:
– Equipment, set up, role of a DJ
– Identifying wave forms and sounds using Serato DJ Software
– Beat matching, song structure, song transitions, and blending
– Performance and crowd control
Think Like a DJ

In addition, the youth explore the DJ role farther so they:
– Understand crowd psychology and adapting others’ mindsets
– Improve self-esteem and confidence
– Think of themselves as a business professional

By the end of the series students will be able to walk away with a “BE THE DJ” mindset, design playlists that cater to different crowds and atmospheres, create a performance portfolio, develop a demo set list, and design business card template.

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