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Great Summer Camp Games No Pool Needed – Philadelphia Summer Camp OST

Having trouble finding a pool for summer camp, or can’t get a lifeguard to keep your youth safe?  Here are some great games your youth can play to keep cool and have fun on dry land!

wet soaked sponge toss
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Out-of-School Time into the Workforce – COMP TIA Certification – STEM OST

APlus STEM and career training come alive with the Out-of-School Time into the Workforce pilot program.  Supported by Public Health Management Corporation’s Public Health Fund and the Department of Human Services, youth in the United Communities of Southeast Philadelphia at Furness High School program receive A+ Certification training from Metropolitan Career Center/Computer Technology Institute (MCC/CTI) instructor, Donald Jones.

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Think Like a DJ – Teaching 21st Century Skills with Music Production

In today’s industry, deejaying is no longer a hobby. It is a celebrated and appreciated Think Like a DJ Remix - 21st Century Skillsartform in which many talented individuals are finding great professional success. PHMC OST Program Specialist and professional DJ, Timiya Clark, is using the art to teach staff members and youth 21st Century skills.

Think Like a DJ is a 6 – 8 week series of courses that teaches participants the art of manipulating and beat matching different styles of music. These interactive courses will explore 4 significant deejaying fundmentals:
– Equipment, set up, role of a DJ
– Identifying wave forms and sounds using Serato DJ Software
– Beat matching, song structure, song transitions, and blending
– Performance and crowd control
Think Like a DJ

In addition, the youth explore the DJ role farther so they:
– Understand crowd psychology and adapting others’ mindsets
– Improve self-esteem and confidence
– Think of themselves as a business professional

By the end of the series students will be able to walk away with a “BE THE DJ” mindset, design playlists that cater to different crowds and atmospheres, create a performance portfolio, develop a demo set list, and design business card template.

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Community Resilience Series: Part 1- Register Today!

Community Resiliency Training - May 20On May 20th, 2014, DBHIDS presents the “Community Resilience Series: Part 1” at Temple University School of Medicine. The series will focus on community-based strategies for reducing the impact of trauma and increasing resilience. DBHIDS focuses on public health approaches aimed toward promoting health within communities.  We recognize that the health of any one individual affects the health of the entire community and vice versa. This symposium is designed to meet the following objectives. For more information or to register: http://communityresilience1.eventbrite.com.

  • Define trauma and negative social determinants of health, and how they impact communities responses, and more importantly, illustrate healing from a variety of unique perspectives.
  • Discuss the historical and cyclical nature of trauma and the impact that persistent and sustained trauma has on individuals, families, and communities.
  • Learn innovative and effective ways community members and organizations are managing trauma, confronting negative social determinants of health and building resilience.
  • Engage in a conversation to promote public health efforts that reduce trauma and social determinants of health, and build resilient communities.
  • For more information or to register: http://communityresilience1.eventbrite.com
  • Please feel free to forward this information to your contacts.

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    STEM and Aesthetics – Youth Fuse Circuits with Art in a STEAM Activities Series

    Youth at the Village of Arts and Humanities (http://villagearts.org/) recently took a closer look at STEM and art, known as STEAM.

    brain circuit - Art by Tolagunestro


    Julia Staples, Site Director for the Village of Arts & Humanities, noted, “[This is] a photograph from our latest class. I love the work they make…Our latest class called Fabrication Lab brings together the arts and sciences. Kids learn how to create circuits while thinking about aesthetics and artwork. This is a recent piece made by a new student to join us at The Village.”

    In addition to The Village of Arts & Humanities, several OST programs, including Children’s Village, CORA Services, and Visitation BVM are working with the Franklin Institute to implement STEM projects that combine circuitry and simple mechanics. For example, youth produced creative circuits and cam systems to make a moving marionette.

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    Check out the Spring 2014 workshop calendar!

    The Spring 2014 Professional Development Calendar has been released, and there are exciting workshop opportunities for providers throughout the DHS-OST network. As you prepare for summer programming, be sure to note the summer planning and implementation workshops offered in the coming months. Additionally, don’t forget that, if you take students swimming, your staff members must each attend water safety training (and one must be a certified lifeguard), to satisfy DPW’s requirements.

    The United Way will again offer each part of the 3-part Youth Outcomes Series. These workshops empower providers to use their “core strategy” for programming as a way of working towards positive outcomes for youth, and are not to be missed.