Video Library

In order to support high-quality OST programs, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) has created a library of shorter videos (5-10 minutes) demonstrating OST best practices. This bank of resources was made possible through the generosity of the Motorola Mobility Foundation, Public Health Management Corporation, Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services, and the Philadelphia OST Provider Community.

ClassroomManagementClassroom Management: Effective classroom management is a necessary component of any high-quality OST program. These videos touch on topics like behavior management, relationship building, and classroom culture.


ReadAloudBestPracticesProgram Activities: Planning and implementing engaging activities is a core function of OST program staff. These videos discuss the components of high-quality afterschool activities.



ProgramPlanningProgram Administration: Strong program administration is essential to effective OST programming. These videos touch on topics like program scheduling, staff supervision, and other aspects of planning and administration.


PBLVideoScreenCaptureProject-Based Learning: The Project-Based Learning (PBL) method allows OST programs to provide fun and engaging activities while still incorporating rigor and academic content. These videos touch on topics like PBL planning and facilitation.


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