A wide variety of resources are available, both for city-funded OST providers in Philadelphia and for afterschool professionals across SAMSUNGthe country. Be sure to check back for frequent updates, and also follow our blog for more thoughts on OST best practices.

Specialists at PHMC work with Philadelphia OST providers to develop high-quality, engaging Project-Based Learning plans. Some of these plans are posted in our Sample Projects library.

Philadelphia OST providers can now find required forms, like the Location Change Request form or Model Adherence Waiver form, on our website. Additionally, Philadelphia OST providers are required to complete PBL documentation, from a project plan to effective post-project debriefing, and these documents are also available.

Anyone interested in learning more about the OST Healthy Living Guidelines can do so on our website. For more information about the Healthy Living Guidelines, check out the resources offered by the Health Promotion Council.


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